If a child is between 5 years old to 16 years old and is traveling alone, he/she can ask for the unaccompanied service to travel alone. The child will pay full adult ticket price plus the unaccompanied service fee imposed by the airline. It is the passenger responsibility to let an agent from Trinity Travel know that there will be a child traveling alone and that they will need a service. All fees are paid at the airport at Check-in. If a child is between 12 years old to 18 years old and is traveling alone and does not want the unaccompanied service, needs to let the travel agent know, because some airlines do not allow a person younger than 18 years old to travel alone without the service. It is the passenger responsibility to let the agent know the age of the child traveling so that he/she can check on rules and policies about minors traveling without an adult. It is the passenger responsibility to get all proper documentations needed regarding a child traveling abroad. In some cases, parents will need to have a notary letter that allows the child to travel alone or with an adult other than their parents.

If you are planning to take a pet on your trip, it is important that you give the travel agent the following information: the kind of pet traveling, the weight of the pet, the weight and dimensions of the traveling bag or cage. Once the reservation is done, the travel agent will need to request the space for the pet on the plane. It is the passenger responsibility to get all other travel documentations needed from the Veterinarian once the seat is confirm. There will be a free imposed by the airline depending whether the pet will travel one way or round trip and all fees are paid at the airport Check-in.


In the case of cancelation, rerouting or flight delay the airline will offer assistance and compensation. You need to contact an Airline representative to assist you with rebooking your flights, hotels and meals voucher etc. and for further explanation for the Airline procedure. Ask for a solution as soon as you encounter the problem, and make sure you contact someone who has the authority to take action – typically the manager. Your chances for satisfactory solution are much better by callingthe airline. Flight changes, cancellations and overbooking are entirely the Airline’s responsibility.


Before paying for a trip, check all applicable cancellation policies. If you are not comfortable with them consider purchasing a travel insurance policy that will permit cancellation for any reason without penalty. Should you have to cancel a trip before the journey commenced, you will need to contact Trinity Travel before the departure date. For tickets that are completely non refundable non transferable, the passenger can submit the ticket for a partial refund with a fee of minimum $300.00. The only time that the airline will waive the penalty is by hospitalization and the passenger can not travel based on his/her condition. The hospitalization proof in the form of admission and discharge must be provided by the hospital and not by a doctor. An emergency visit to the hospital does not quality for a waiver. Once the trip has commenced, tickets are non refundable non transferable and do not qualify for partial refund at all.


Should you wish to change any aspect of your trip you must contact Trinity Travel or the airline in advance. The fare for the new transportation will be calculated and you will be given the option of accepting the new price or maintaining the original as ticketed. In addition the Airline will also charge a penalty fee that can varied depending on the change. Please note that the airline’s fees are not the same as the agency processing fees. As of 01.01.09 Trinity Travel will charge $50.00 processing fee per ticket. If after having commenced your journey, you are prevented from traveling within the period of validity of the Ticket for any reason, the airline may extend the period of validity based on the ticket’s rule for a fee imposed by the airline. If you need to charge a name due to incorrect spelling on the ticket, the travel agency can either indicate the full name of the passenger on the reservation and keep the ticket as printed, or change the name for a fee imposed by the airline. This does not mean that the ticket is transferable to another person.


We recommend that you allow yourself enough time to comply with Check-in deadlines. Airlines ask passengers to arrive no less than 1 ½ hours before a domestic departure and usually three hours before an international flight. We recommend leaving two hours between connecting flights and longer if you have to go through customs and immigration. All Carriers routinely close check-in for international flights an hour before the scheduled departure. The airline reserves the right to cancel your reservation if you do not comply with the check-in deadlines indicated.


For travel to Europe, each person is allowed to take 2 baggages per adult and per children, with a maximum of 50 pounds each and one carry on. Due to the strict security measures, items that may be used as weapon must not be carried on board. The maximum dimensions for carry on are 55 x 40 x 20 cm with a maximum weight of 16 pounds. If you exceed the amount of baggage required by the Airline, you will be required to pay extra. The rates amount varies from Airline to Airline and the space will have to be requested by Trinity Travel in advance for the Airline to authorize it. For travel to other places, please check with us regarding rules.


For most airlines, credit card payment is accepted without any additional fee. For airlines who do not accept credit card payments, we will need to get check, cash, money order or bank check depending on the departure date. In case you wish to pay with a credit card in this case, there will be an additional fee of 4% imposed by the reservation system. For anyone who wishes to pay for a ticket and is not an immediate member of the family, we will need written authorization form signed and copies of Identification and credit card. For payments that were done by check and were returned due to insufficient funds or other reasons, there will be a fee of $35.00 imposed by the bank.


Prior to any international trip, please check the most current guidelines from the consulate of the country you will be visiting or be in transit. Often they can be found on the consulate’s web site. Correct documents such as passports and visas


If any of your baggage is missing after you arrive at your destination, please contact a baggage representative at the airport and fill out a report immediately. You will be given a written confirmation with a document number that you should store safely. The Airline is responsible to compensate you for any loss or missing baggage accordingly. The amount of compensation varies and it is according to what you had in your baggage. In the mean time, the Airline will also have to provide you with items such as: tooth paste, soap, shampoo etc.


It is the passenger responsibility to read all information given by the agency. You can make any changes without paying any fees before the ticket has been issued, but once the ticket has been issued, Trinity Travel will have to imply with the airline rules and regulations. Please check changes requested by the passenger for more information. In some cases, there will be a change of aircraft required for at least one of the flights, even thought the ticket may show only one flight number and have only one flight number and have only one flight coupon for that flight. That is why it is important that you read all information provided on the reservation with rules and regulations before purchasing the ticket. In this case it will be written on the itinerary. You can always check with an agent if any questions. Please note that the ticket price is not guaranty until we actually issue the ticket. The reason being is because taxes can change at any time. Trinity Travel reserves the right to change the price due to this same reason. The sooner you purchase the ticket the better chances you have to get the same price.